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Crossover to the Paranormal and Beyond


About Us

Welcome to our world of paranormal investigation research,  our teams have been investigating locations for over 20 years and we help people travel to locations all over the United States. We hold meet and greets, public investigation and help people learn techniques within the field of research. 

If you our your team wants to travel and hold investigation on your own, but don't know how or have time to put the footwork in, we will do it for you! 

We want to help other people learn and grow in the field. We are part of the ParaUnity community and take pride in it! 

What We Do

We will go to any locationfor an investigation that is legally allowed, or permitted.  We travel all over the U.S. to investigate locations, gather evidence and show what we receive to others for education and research purposes.  We look for the history and science behind these locations and love to share it with others.  We also hold events for other individuals or teams to join us through-out the year, so if you want to join us keep up with our Facebook, and message us when you see a location you are interested in.

We also help other investigators and teams travel to unexplained active locations U.S. wide.  We assist in contacting the location for booking, travel plans while there for down-time adventures and flight, hotel and car rentals if needed.  Go to our travel section to see locations and how you can help you explore on your own!

If you think you have a place in your town that has unexplained experiences, let us know by email!  We would love to come to your town and see what we can find!


If you need us to come help you with an unexplained experience, we will not only come in and investigate what is happening, we will actually check for natural occurrences and research the history of the property, owners and passed experiences with-in the home/building as well.


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Contact Us

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